Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services provide tailored solutions that are practical and effective. We work closely with our clients and encourage clients to take ownership of the process. Our experience in WHS incident investigation enables us to provide sound, workable advice that meets the needs of each individual situation.

Two construction workers looking at building plans.

Risk Assessments

We assist the client in undertaking RA by bringing knowledge of the RA process and guiding them in making an informed and objective evaluation of a situation, work activity etc. Our fee would depend on the size of the RA and to what extent our client wanted assistance.

A construction worker assisting their colleague who has fallen over.

Incident Investigations

What WHS person or manager is likely to find a fault in the very systems they themselves have implemented or have been in charge of?  By using an external investigator an objective outcome is more likely.

A construction working completing their audit on an electronic tablet.

Compliance Auditing

We can assist the review of actual work practices compared to a pre defined audit criteria.  The criteria can be internally agreed, industry standards or aligned to Australian standard 4801, in relation to WHS legislation, Safety Map or the federal safety commissions criteria.

The desk of a site manager, showing their laptop, hard hat, and notebooks.

Management Systems

We assist the client with developing an occupation health and safety management system. All employers or persons conducting a business or undertaking should have in place an WHSMS, relevant in size and complexity to their business.

Two site managers overseeing construction work.

WHS Manager On-call

This service provides regular monthly contact on issues relating to WHS. Our manager on call service provides ongoing support, advice and continuity on the issues important to clients.

A road worker running towards a colleague that is lay unconscious on the floor.

WHS Incident Management

Our consultants can develop a practical workplace scenario that allows the incident response capabilities of an organisation to be tested and evaluated in a controlled manner and then explore any areas that require further consideration, resources or training.

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